We see and hear everyday about high levels of inflation and banking closures. How safe is our current financial system? I am not sure that we really ever know until it is too late. For example, the most recent closure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The general public was not even aware it was going on until after it was happening and too late. Most of those with large holdings that were affected by this were the tech companies. This is now always the case and in the future bank closures could affect even more normal citizens.

This is not just a problem in the United States. This is a global problem that can cause chain reactions all over the world. That is why people need to do research and get educated on what financial options are available to them. For example, we have gold, silver, cryptocurrency, stocks and bonds, and much more.At RebelCoin we believe that instability in banks and other financial organizations can be minimized by moving from a centralized financial system to something more decentralized such as crypto. This means moving our current financial systems from a central authority such as banks that are controlled by and decisions are made by a small authoritative group. In a decentralized form of finance (DeFi) the systems are more transparent and in a perfect decentralized system there is no central controlling entity.

At RebelCoin we don’t want to tell you what to do or how to invest. We are just asking you to do research and explore your options. We are not in the business of giving financial advice so read more about options open to you.