• November 27, 2023

I am so proud and happy to announce that over the last month or two RebelCoin prices on the various exchanges including Dex-Trade and Xeggex are up over 140% each week during this time. It took a while to get to this point, but I have always told the community that Rebel is NOT a Meme coin and the growth of the coin will take awhile.

As I tell everyone that reaches out to me I explain what makes RebelCoin different and better. We offer faster transactions and a more secure network. We also are a PoW coin that will allow you to mine our coin. The development of the RebelCoin transaction system is underway and when completed, it will allow you to purchase real-world items using Rebelcoin just like you would use a credit card without the predatory fees and percentage rates.

We are now on track to reach around 0.05 – .20 USDT sometime in January with the support of our community. So again I hope you realize the potential of our coin and strongly suggest you buy some and just hold it. You deserve financial freedom!

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