Technical Information

We are offering a secure, safe and reliable way to store value and conduct transactions anywhere in the world.  Please explore our data and feel free to contact us because we are always looking for new users, partners and ideas.

  • Algorithm / Chain

    Algorithm / Chain

    We are currently using SHA-256 and Proof of Work (PoW)
  • Block Reward

    Block Reward

    Current block reward is 37.648
  • Max Supply

    Max Supply

    The total supply is 38,221,324 with only 1.5% premined. There will never be more of this coin
  • Block Time Speed / Rpc and R2p Ports

    Block Time Speed / Rpc and R2p Ports

    Our block time speed is an impressive 30 seconds and Rpc and P2p ports 10506 - 10505
  • Difficulty Re-adjustment Time (DRT)

    Difficulty Re-adjustment Time (DRT)

    It is currently 1 block
  • Halving / Transactions Per Second (TPS)

    Halving / Transactions Per Second (TPS)

    Halving is set at 500,000 blocks at 6 months with a TPS of 1,333

Our current technology

to start with RebelCoin

  • <span> 01. </span> Create Your Wallet
    01. Create Your Wallet
    Our RebelCoin wallet is currently available for PC/Mac/Linux download or we offer a web version. iOS and Android coming soon.
  • <span> 02. </span> Our Mining Pool
    02. Our Mining Pool
    Research or join our mining pool to take advantage of our RebelCoin blockchain
  • <span> 03. </span> Blockchain Explorer
    03. Blockchain Explorer
    Our blockchain explorer will give you a transparent view of all transactions that are executing on the Rebel blockchain
Coming Soon!

Our powerful RebelCoin wallet and marketplace

We are excited to be building our new wallet app that will allow users to easily interact with RebelCoin and monitor its status on your iPhone and Android devices.

  • Wallet access
  • Buy and trade crypto
  • Mining and technical info
  • RebelCard management
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