RebelCard Transactions

Ease of credit, power of crypto!

We are currently working on a “crypto card” that will allow you to conduct transactions using your RebelCoin supply.

  • Frictionless Transactions
    Frictionless Transactions
    Use the RebelCard just like you would any credit card. Your RebelCoin limit is based on market level algorithm.
  • Crypto Payments
    Crypto Payments
    Earn crypto awards just by using your card like you always do.
  • Protection and Security
    Protection and Security
    Best in class security and privacy enhancements.
  • Unique Benefits
    Unique Benefits
    We are partnering with companies and brands to offer exclusive benefits and deals to users of RebelCard
  • Mobile Application
    Mobile Application
    RebelWallet app will allow you to manage your RebelCard as well as turn it on and off for safety
  • Professional Support
    Professional Support
    Unlike some Crypto-based companies we are there to support you and answer questions regarding your RebelCard account.
  • Small Payment Fees
    Small Payment Fees
    At RebelCoin our fees are lower than most credit cards and can vary based on success of RebelCoin.
  • Crypto to Cash
    Crypto to Cash
    Use your RebelCard to easily convert from RebelCoin to cash in multiple currencies.

Crypto benefits not offered by normal credit cards

Coming Soon! The RebelCard technology is one of our important future projects.  We want to change the way you transact online with a safer more private experience.

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