• September 21, 2023

I have to be honest. I do not remember this time at all. I think I may have heard various rumors about this new thing called Bitcoin (BTC), but I was not really paying attention. I do not think I even started paying attention until around 2016. It seemed so odd and unrealistic about what the proposal was for this new currency. Alas, it continued to grow and its popularity increased including the price. We hear jokes today about the poor guy who bought a single pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins. At the time I am sure he thought that was the most amazing thing. I wish I would have gotten into Bitcoin long ago, and if someone would have told me back then, “Hey go grab some Bitcoin. You can get like 100,000 Bitcoins for like $100!” I might have done it, but I would have remained skeptical.

This is the reason why I built RebelCoin (RBL) in May of 2023. I wanted to build a purely store of value coin with the ability to initiate fast transactions anywhere in the world. I wanted to follow the main principals of Bitcoin. RebelCoin is a limited quantity coin of only 38,221,324. It is also an SHA-256 coin that can be mined like Bitcoin. Right now there is around 12M circulating. Ok, so how does it differ from Bitcoin? We wanted to increase security where we could and we implemented DarkGravityWave protocol for stability of our Rebel Blockchain. We also wanted to eventually offer a payment/transaction card that works like a credit card, so we knew we needed faster transaction times than Bitcoin. We have been able to get those transaction speeds to around 30 seconds and we continue to work on that.

There are thousands of different cryptocurrency coins and tokens available out there. They do all kinds of different things from gaming to the Metaverse. RebelCoin is simple, we want to give anyone in the world the ability to have a store of value coin that is simple, secure and fast. Those who missed out on purchasing Bitcoin early on, I believe this is the coin for you.

So I say to you now, “Hey go grab some RebelCoin (RBL), you can grab like 100,000 RebelCoins for like $30 USDT!” The future is bright, and this is a new coin. Over time, this could be your chance for financial stability!

Get it here: Xeggex or Dex-Trade ! More exchanges will be added soon.

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